Belkin boost up wireless charging pad not working

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If your mobile phone is not being charged or charging slowly, it means Belkin boosts up the wireless charging pad not working. You need to find out the reason(s). Should you need to check the wires of the wireless pad are plugged in?

Should you need to reset your devices? Or positioning your phone rightly on the pad may help you to see the charging sign on the screen of your phone.

How wireless charging pad works:

People complaints most of the time that the boost-up wireless charger does not work. Do you know that the Belkin boost up wireless charging pad uses magnetic coils to generate a magnetic field? Yes, wireless chargers match magnetic coils with magnetic coils (receiver coils) of your cell phone to charge positioned cell phone (induction coils) on the pad. The Exact place of a wireless charging pad to put your mobile phone on the pad is essential to get instant charging. It restrains your phone from surging power.

What could be a possible problem with a wireless charging pad if it does not work?

If your phone position is not right on the boost up wireless charging pad, the pad won’t work indeed. Do not worry and panicky. Just find the solution to this problem.

In this article, we help you out to find the possible reason for this problem. So, you would have an answer to your problem with the wireless charger.

Position of cell phone:

Do you know the position of your mobile phone on the wireless pad is important to get instant wireless charging? If not, it is time to read the next paragraph to know how to reposition your phone on the wireless charging pad.

Indeed magnetic coils in both devices –charging pad and mobile phone need to match magnetic coils of each other, then it starts charging your mobile device. Otherwise, it won’t.

Symptoms of wrong positioning:

If Belkin boost up wireless charging pad is not work, please check the devices by using following lens.

You cannot see charging signs on the screen of your phone

Wireless charging pad shows you error light

No signs of life in the charger- no light to indicate anything

What is the right position to place your phone on wireless charger?

The Center point of the wireless charger is the right position to place your android phone to get instant charging.

What is the accurate direction of your mobile phone on wireless pad?

Directions matter if you want instant charging results from Belkin to boost up wireless charger.  What should be the right direction of your phone to get it to charge instantly is an important question that clicked your mind.

For the right direction of your phone on the pad, you must know where the magnetic coils are placed in your phone.

Generally, mobile manufacturing companies placed magnetic coils on the right side of the phone. So, the backside of your mobile should be right at a central point of the wireless charger. Or you can see the guidelines of manufacturing companies.

Sometimes your phone is not getting connected with the wireless charger pad, but other phones get connected on the same pad. This happens, do not worry. A solution to your problem is here.

Possible reasons of Belkin boost up charger pad not work and possible solution

The phone is not aligned with the charging pad. As experts of mobile technology recommend proper alignment of your phone with pad gives the first-rated flow of current. Hence, proper alignment of your phone can resolve your problem.

Is the wire of your wireless pad is plugged properly? Before using the wireless pad device, check that wire is plugged. If it is not, first of all, plugged it before re-boosting your device.

Re-set your mobile phone if it is not getting instant charging from the wireless pad. Researches reveal that in most cases, the magnetic coils of your phone are stopped working, and its connection with the magnetic coils of the wireless charger is not developed.

Re-boost Belkin boost up wireless charging pad can also help you to resolve the possible issue with the magnetic coils of the charger. Most of the time, the wireless charger shows an error light which requires re-boosting the device. So, re-boost it. Experts recommend that while re-boosting the wireless charger, you must give it a pause of one minute. Do not on it instantly, it could be harmful to the device.

Cleaning of the backside of your phone and wireless pad could unblock the flow of required current. Researches show that dirt and possible moisture slow down the efficiency of the devices. It is recommended to clean the backside of your phone and wireless pad before charging your phone.

Don’t use mobile casing while putting your phone on the wireless free charger. It won’t allow the current to pass through properly. Remove the casing before initiating charging your phone through a wireless charger.

You tried all the options, and still, the problem persists. It might be a problem with your wireless charging pad. You go to repair it or buy new wireless. Electronics items are sensitive, a small fault could affect their performance. There are possibilities that the wireless charging pad went out of order due to foreseen reasons.

It is possible that Belkin boosts up the charging pad, not work. For instant charging, the device functions well as found in the reviews and customer feedback. Follow the steps mentioned above before heading to repair or buy a new one. You must be conscious and cautious while using the wireless charger. Reading of instruction booklet is highly recommended. Instructions cover all aspects a user needs to take care of while plugging the wireless charger pad.


The wireless charger gives you an instant charging facility with fewer cables. This reduces the increasing rate of clutters. You can free power ports for other uses. With a wireless charger, you can charge multiple phones, and it does not allow power to surge your phone. 

Moreover, placing your phone on a pad is your responsibility, you need to review your opinion that Belkin boost up wireless charging pad not work.

If you placed your phone improperly, it won’t get instant charging. Then you will start thinking negatively about the wireless chargers as a whole.

Check all possible problems forehead making any decision on the efficiency and effectiveness of wireless charger.  

As an amazon associate, I earn affiliate commission, from qualifying purchases

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