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Wireless chargers are the ultimate need of all mobile users in the modern world since no one wants to deal with the hassle of cords. Here you can select the best wireless charger for LG V30.

Wireless chargers have been the latest trend since the cords make it difficult and messy to handle. In this blog, we are going to introduce some amazing and the best wireless charger for LG V30.
Basically, LG V30 is a phone with inspiration. A phone with a rap-n-rock, a funk-n-punk, and with jazz-n-blues. Having most of the good stuff, LG V30 is the perfect phone for many people who want a stylish and easy-to-handle phone. So, before moving to the wireless chargers, let’s start with the basic features and specifications of the LG V30 itself.

5 best wireless chargers for LG V30

  1. iSeekerKit – best 15W Max Fast Wireless Charging Pad for LG V30
  2. PLESON – best Wireless Car Charger for LG v30
  3. TPLTECH – best Fast Charger Charging Pad for LG v30
  4. SIKAI – best budget Wireless Charger
  5. Fantasy – best value Wireless Charger

Features and specifications of LG V30:

All the core features and specifications of the LG V30 give a strong user experience. It has a relatively fast and fluid performance while the battery life tends to be at the upper end. Most users experienced quite easy and intensive use of LG V30 throughout the day. The Qi wireless charging feature of the phone is a plus regarding the convenience.

LG has always been an expert in setting interoperable standards. LG V30 has an Android build, is quite stable, and is familiar with the default Android user experience.

With the model V30, LG has implemented an always-on display that allows a quick flip through at the basic notifications and time, while controlling the music without phone activation. All this without consuming extra power, so you may not even have to worry about the battery draining.

But with all the good features, there is still some bad stuff that comes with LG V30. The display of the phone distracts and the camera fails to create the most realistic images due to delayed auto-focus. The bloatware of V30 also occurs far across the eyes see.

Pros    LG V30Cons
Best headphone audioBloatware
Ergonomically excellent
Wireless chargingDistracting display
Water-resistance  Inefficient camera
Amazing battery and speed

What is wireless charging?

before starting with the best wireless charger for LG V30, let’s take a brief look at what is wireless charging and how does it work.

Wireless charging technology showed up in the tech world when Nikola Tesla, the electricity pioneer demonstrated wireless charging as magnetic resonant coupling. The capability to transmit electricity from a transmitter to a receiver through the air by developing a magnetic field between the two bodies/circuits.

Wireless technologies that are most popular today, employ an electromagnetic field created between two copper coils. This creates a great limitation of the distance between the charging pad and the device.

Based on this principle, various wireless chargers have been introduced. Stay tuned to see the best wireless charger for LG V30.

How does wireless charging work?

Most commonly, wireless charging has 3 types.

  • Charging Pads: The tightly-coupled electromagnetic non-radiative or inductive charging is used in the wireless charging pads.
  • Charging bowls: This type of charging employs radiative or coupled electromagnetic resonance that transmits the charge at a distance of a few centimeters. It is the through-surface type charging.
  • Uncoupled Radio Frequency: This is a type of wireless charging that charges the device in a trickling manner across many feet of distance.

The loosely-coupled resonant charging, as well as the tightly coupled inductive charging, work on the same principle i.e., induction of current through a time-varying magnetic field in a closed wire-loop.

The best wireless charger for LG V30 review – choose among the top 5:

Now when we are done with the basic introduction to LG V30 and the wireless charging technology, it’s time to get a deep look into the best wireless charger for LG V30. So, here we go…

1. Wireless charger, iSeekerKit 2 Pack 15W Max Fast Wireless Charging Pad:


Technology has gone a step ahead of everything and the iSeekerKit 2 charger is one of those examples. iSeekerKit 2 chargers can charge your LG V30 at a much faster speed and up to 15W.

It comes with multifunctional protection technology which secures the device from over-voltage and power. Iseekerkit 2 comes with a Type-C USB port and USB cable which is far more generous as compared to the traditional micro USB used previously.

The case covering is eco and sleep-friendly. As soon as you place your mobile over the stand the LED light blinks to give the position of the charging capacity and the light is dim enough to not disturb sleep.


  • iSeekerKit 2 is lightweight and ultra-slim.
  • Comes with Type-C USB port and Cable
  • It comes with 15W output wireless pads


  • Can charge at a greater rate, usually up to 15W
  • Has multifunctional protective technology installed
  • The case of the charger is sleep-friendly and does not disturb sleep


  • The adapter is not included in it and often due to continuous use the charger can warm-up

2. 15W Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount Qi 3.0,


As stated technology has improved a lot. The Air vent 15W wireless car charger has the potential to speed up the process of charging a lot faster. Approximately 30 minutes of your charging time is reduced to half or in other terms by 50%.

The charger comes with United States built-in chips. And this protects the mobile. The charger has the unique potential of having an inbuilt sensor which means that once you place the mobile over the charger it continuously charges it.

Even if the car stops the charger continues to charge. And this is because of the incorporated battery within the chips of the charger. Not only this, the charger stand has two claps that safely enclose the mobile and with a gentle tap, it releases the clamps. Even for a much bumpy road, the clamps can be placed horizontally or vertically to ensure maximum protection.


  • The charger can reduce the charging minutes by 50% saving your time on charging
  • With vertical and horizontal clamps the charger can protect the mobile device by all means
  • The charger has a wireless port USB cable which makes your work much easier and smarter


  • Comes with the technique of thermostatic charging
  • Automatic and silicone made clamps
  • Can be rotated at an angle of 360 degrees


  • The material of the charger can melt and bent much more quickly with time

3. Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger, Qi Certified 15W Fast Charger Charging Pad:


The ultra-slim charger as the name suggests is ultra-slim and is only 0.3inches and this makes it easier to be carried around as you can place these in your pockets the charger is compatible with LG V30 along with all Samsung Galaxy devices as well as some iPhone devices.

The charger is thin and has a silicone-made central pod portion where you can put your device and charge it for a long. The silicon central part has a Qi charger capacity underneath which makes the charging much more efficient. The charger has a multifunctional protective uniqueness which secures it from over-voltage or current.


  • The charger has a type-C USB port and cable with it which speeds up the process of charging.
  • The case covering is sleep-friendly just remove metallic stickers
  • Comes with Qi charging potential placed underneath the silicon pods
  • The charger also has a LED light blinker that gives the status of charging


  • Compatible with many devices
  • Easy to carry
  • The led light can tell how much the mobile device is charged


  • The device claims to charge at a greater rate but it is practically a slow charger

4. SIKAI Wireless Charging Stand 15W Wireless Charger:


Chargers can save a lot of time and energy and if you are headed on long journeys, then SIKAI wireless charger is all you need. The charger has an aluminum alloy-based coating which protects and cools off the wireless charger if it gets warm. Thus it protects the mobile device from danger.

The SIKAI charger can charge at optimal potential and efficiency. The charger has a type-C USB port and a cable which makes things easier. You can place your mobile on charge and within some time your mobile charges off and a blue LED light gives you the hint that the mobile is charged.


  • The SIKAI device has an aluminum alloy covering which prevents the warming up of the mobile device
  • Charges at a much greater rate and protect the device
  • Has a type-c USB port with it


  • Charges efficiently
  • Prevents the mobile device from burning or warming up
  • A blue led light gives a hint of the charging status


  • The charging level of the charger at faster levels is not very high.

5. Fantasy Wireless Charger for Integrated Qi-enabled Cell Phone:


The most commonly used charger by all generations regardless of gender is the fantasy wireless charger. This charger can charge your LG V30 phone at a much faster level and most importantly it can be used over many other devices.

Moreover, the fantasy charger uses voltage for charging of about 5A/V2 and the output results are much lesser than you can imagine. The charger can charge wirelessly which means that it allows less interaction with your device. The design of this charger is ultra-slim which means you can place it at home at any corner and that’s why it is named an integrated charger.


  • Uses less voltage for charging the mobile devices
  • Has multifunctional protective technology which ensures that power does not harm the device
  • Compatible with several devices


  • Charges much efficiently
  • Design is ultra-slim
  • Less interaction with mobile because it is a wireless charger


  • The charger and its cable get warm due to continuous use, can affect the charging capacity, and can put the device at risk.

Why do we need wireless charging?

Wireless charging, as the name indicates, has no cords to mingle with. With wireless charging, you do not need to carry a c-type USB charger everywhere you go. Instead, you just have to carry a single cable to connect with the charging mat. Wireless chargers are compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. Fewer electrical faults occur with wireless charging since there is no risk of corrosion and wear and tear. The wireless chargers turn off automatically once your smartphone is fully charged. This means no overheating and a safer charge.

Pros    Wireless chargingCons
Universal compatibilityCannot use the phone
Fewer cordsNot exactly wireless
More durableRelatively slower charging
Safer connectionsNeeds more attention
No overheatingMore expensive


Ques 1: Do wireless chargers ruin your phone?

Though it is believed that wireless charging is much effective as compare to wire charging but one must agree to the fact that things with charging have taken a troll and you can charge your device without risk of warming or burning as they have a cooling process.

Ques 2: What to look for while buying a wireless charger?

We have discussed the basic features that every wireless charger must have but to revise it must charge your device efficiently with warming up the device. The design of the wireless charger must be slim and it must have case protection and USB ports within it.

Ques 3: Will magnets affect the process of charging?

Well, it is advised to avoid magnets over your charger as the process of wireless charging is an inductive phenomenon that involves the use of magnetic radiation so, with magnets, things can mess up as it disturbs the process of charging.

Ques 4:Does a wireless charger destroy the credit cards?

A very common question. The process of wireless charging is based onthe magnetic phenomenon;thus anything magnetic such as credit cards or magnets can disturb the charging process and can cause damage to itself too.

Ques 5: Can I charge other devices with these chargers as well?

Since Samsung and iPhone mobiles are common and all have the potential of being charged through wireless charging. So it is not a big deal. You can charge your devices of all sorts now.


As technology has been upgrading, so are the types of chargers. Chargers, particularly wireless chargers have become a vital part of everyone’s daily essentials. With much trendy and simpler wireless chargers, we can lessen the hassle of cords in our lives. In this article, we have discussed the top wireless chargers though you have to select the best wireless charger for LG V30 to buy– the one that suits you the most.

As an amazon associate, I earn affiliate commission, from qualifying purchases

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