IPhone 8 Wireless Charging With OtterBox.

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iPhone 8 Wireless Charging With OtterBox is now a conventional function for any modern phone. We are not going to lie that wireless charging for an ideal substitute for plugging in.

it is an effective way of assuring your phone battery is filled up the whole day. When it comes to getting a wireless charger there is no shortage of options, you can spend the whole day on Amazon flipping through the multiple chargers, batteries available. But finding an effective and long-lasting wireless charger remains a struggle for every phone user.

Product Review;

I recently upgraded to a wireless charger supported phone and I decided to settle for a single charging station where I can plug my Apple watch, Phone, and Airpods at the same time. I settled for a 4in1 QI-EU single charging station and this is the best choice and I recommend this for you.

Product description;

If you are into the Apple ecosystem, I’m sure you are all in. The iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods all these devices come with charging cables and adapters. But, the best way to easily charge these devices is to use a single charging station. USRUIBO Qi-certified Wireless ChargerOffers fast wireless power to your devices. This 4 in1 wireless charger is your ultimate desk charging solution as it is compatible with QI enabled phones, Airpods, Apple Pencil, and Apple Watch. It can charge all these devices fast and conveniently at the same time. This 7.5W fast wireless charging is compatible with iPhone 11/iPhone 11 pro-Max/iPhone8 +/ 8 /X Max/and X. With this wireless charger, you can charge your phone vertically or horizontally letting you keep track of messages and watch videos.

So instead of waiting for your phone battery to get full, you can still do all the things you want to do while charging your phone. This charging station uses the most advanced control technology. The built-in control technology safeguards your phone against overcharge and overcurrent. In case you’re wondering if the case is protective enough, the material is metal friendly foreign objects will not interfere with charging.

Design and Features

The wireless charger uses a combination of mold-in shapes in the top and bottom housing. The magnetic fields also help align charging pins, this helps your device to stay put when charging. The wireless charger discharges output in 4 sections 7.5W,5W,2W, and 2W.

What to expect;

If you decide to settle for this 4in1 charging station, you get a silicone charging pad, 100cm type c cable, and a user manual. For fast charge, you are required to use a 3.0 adapter but this is not included in the package. You can find this on Amazon.


Setting up this wireless charger is pretty easy all you have to do is to connect the charging base with the type c cable then to the power adapter and plug it in an active outlet. Place your phone and devices in the designated areas and leave it to charge.


I was pretty much impressed with this charger on my first charge. The manual states that it takes 5 hours to exclusively charge my battery. I placed my iPhone with the percent at 3% and in exactly 4 hours it was fully charged. Unlike some chargers which continue to charge after the battery is full, it stopped which was pretty impressive.

What I like About Using This 4in1 Charging Station

Fast Charging.

It charges phones and other devices fast by discharging 7.5W for iPhone, 8W for Apple watch 5W for Airpods, and 2W for the Apple pencil.

Fewer Cords

This has to be the greatest advantage of this charger. Unlike the days where your bag will be filled with spare USB cords, spare adapters, and spending minutes trying to fit your USB into the charging port of your phone. Thanks to technological advancement you don’t need to carry a lot of USB cord around to charge your phone, you will only need one cable adaptor connected to the charger charging station.

Safer connections

As the charger stops charging once your device Is fully charged any electrical accidents that might occur like overvoltage, overcurrent will be prevented.


This cannot be overemphasized. Many people go as far as purchasing dozens of USB cord every month due to the wear and tear of charging cables. Since I purchased one of these charging stations I don’t have to worry about my charging port anymore. This long-lasting charging station is highly durable and easy to maintain.

Universal Compatibility

This wireless charger is compatible with all wireless charging enabled phones and devices.You can plug all your devices simultaneously. Unlike having to wait for your phone battery to be full before charging your Airpods or Apple watch you can use this single charging station to charge all your devices.

Minimal Overheating.

This wireless charging stationhas a built-in technology that protects your phone against overcharge and overheats. So once your phone is fully charged the wireless charger shuts off automatically reducing overheated battery. Although with the recent 2020 upgrade which supports faster charging and lower heating there will be a slight heat while charging.

Disadvantages of Using the Wireless Charger.


This Charger is currently placed at $28.99 on Amazon which some people may find expensive as they will still have to purchase a QC 3.0 adapter.

You can’t move your device while charging.

Although it supports horizontal and vertical charging which allows you to track incoming messages, video calls, watch movies and play the music you would not be able to move it easily as you have to be extra careful when placing it back on the mat to ensure it’s Charging.

Not Exactly Wireless

The term “wireless” makes people think that no single cable is involved and they will be able to move around freely with their phone but it isn’t exactly like that. This wireless charger will require an adapter and cable that provides power for the charging pad.


Although this charger is specifically designed to be placed on your desk, nightstand you won’t be able to move it around and place it on different areas.

Points of buying guide.


This wireless charger is Qi-enabled and can charge all QI enabled devices. This product has been assessed by authorized Labs and is in line with WPC charging standards. QI certification is an important point to look out for when getting a wireless charger.


For many people, speed is a crucial aspect when choosing a charger. This charging station outputs 7.5W for iPhone which is the exact wattage needed to charge an iPhone.

Size and aesthetics.

The size of the wireless charger is important as you don’t want to get a big size charging station that we require to be moved around with a backpack. This charging station is designed in a way that it won’t take much space with the item dimensions of 6.40×5.40×1.00 inches it is a perfect choice.


The brand of wireless charger matters. When it comes to anything that passes current to your phone you want to be extra careful about the brand. This wireless charger is manufactured by USRUIBO and is known for producing high-quality wireless chargers.

Is Your Device QI Enabled?

As this charger can be used by all QI enabled devices how do you know if your device is QI enabled or not. To save you the stress of having to start looking for special antennas needed for wireless charging here is a list of some wireless charging supported smartphones.


IPhone 8                 iPhone XS

IPhone 8+               iPhone XS MAX

iPhone X                 iPhone 11

iPhone XR               iPhone 11 PRO

iPhone SE(2020).    iPhone 11 PRO MAX

Samsung Galaxy

S7                          Note 9

S8                          Note 10

S8+                        Note 10+

S9Note 10+5G

S9+                         S20

S10                         S20 Ultra

S10e                       S10 plus

S10 5G

Google pixel

Pixel 3

Pixel 3 XL

Google pixel 4

Google 4XL


OnePlus 8PRO

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the wireless charger work with an OtterBox defender case.

A: Yes it does. Cases with thick metal may restrict wireless charging.

Q: How long does it take for the charger to be fully charged cause I have placed mine overnight and the light is still showing red?

A: The charging station is fast but you must have a QC 3.0 charger because if you choose to use a normal charger it will take forever to fully charge.

Q:Can I wirelessly charge a phone that comes with a case?

A: Yes you can only if the case is relatively thin

Q: Does it come with smart wireless charging?Will it automatically stop charging oncemy phone and Airpods reaches 100%?

A: Yes it is QI compliant.

Q: Does it charge an Airpods pro

A: Yes it can charge any Airpods.

Q: Can Airpods with silicone case suitin the respective charger?

A: No it can’t fit with the case.


We have seen a lot of wireless chargers with different charging capacity but this 4in1 QI-EU enabled charger is the first I have seen with a complete design package for office and home use. This is a great way of ensuring that all your devices stay topped up preventing flat batteries from lying around. Most wireless charger offers 3 charging options and takes hours to fully charge your device but with this charging system, you have little to worry about.

As an amazon associate, I earn affiliate commission, from qualifying purchases

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